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Why plagiarism remover is best way to get rid of plagiarism?

Plagiarism is unauthorized use of work without acknowledging the original creator. That’s why copying of work is considered unethical and it takes away the originality of content. For example, you are working on a research paper, thesis or a work of fiction and see some lines familiar, so you feel what if same work or lines is written by someone else as well- this is where you come to realize the importance of plagiarism removal platforms. Today, when millions of written webpages and written material is being churned out, one can be unsure about the authenticity of the word. This has given plagiarism removal websites a central point where one can visit to remove plagiarism.

How does our plagiarism remover website work

Our free plagiarism removal tool is simple and effective that detects plagiarism from millions of webpages and academic databases. Our plagiarism removal checker highlights the passages from which you need to remove plagiarism. Here is how our remove plagiarism process works step by step.

  • Scan or upload the document for plagiarism removal.
  • Within seconds, our plagiarism removal AI based software break down the entire document into smaller chunks of semantic phrases.
  • Then it filters the plagiarism within local and academic portals.
  • Our unique plagiarism removal algorithm further filters larger chunks of data.
  • Filtering of search engines for plagiarism removal is last step.
  • Once the document scan is complete, you click on a remove plagiarism button, and you are good to go!

Why use our plagiarism remover online

There are hundreds of plagiarism removal websites that offer to remove plagiarism but what makes us stand apart are our salient features.

Quick and hassle-Free

The plagiarism removal tool on our website is a lightning quick utility that generates results within milli seconds. To use our remove plagiarism utility, the user doesn’t need to follow any hectic procedures. The user-friendly interface and the simple procedure to remove plagiarism is easy on our website.

Supports multi-platforms

Our plagiarism removal is a web-based tool that you can access through any device. Furthermore, to remove plagiarism you won’t have to install any plugin or any software for checking plagiarism, unlike other websites.

Free of cost

When it comes to remove plagiarism, many websites have made it a business with charging hefty amounts. This is not what we do! We offer plagiarism removal services freely and we believe that everyone should have access to it.

Find matching sources

When it comes to plagiarism removal, everybody wants to know the source where their work matches. Our free remove plagiarism tool also assists you as it matches to the sources as well. This not only helps the user find matching sources but in hindsight also helps them look for better sources.

About Us


As a leading developer of plagiarism removal tool, accuracy is what we pride ourselves in. Our algorithm makes sure that you get the quality assured process to remove plagiarism.


Privacy is at the core of heart about what we do. When you check you work on our plagiarism removal tool, your work remains your property, as our industry leading privacy protocols ensure the protection of your data.


We provide users with the plagiarism removal tools to ensure the integrity of your work. Our engaging algorithm also notify users when a unique and worthy citation maybe suitable for them. We also make sure that you never lose your sources when you come to our platform to remove plagiarism.

What We Offer

Multiple file formats

  • You can upload text in multiple formats
  • Option to upload using device or cloud
  • 7 formats are supported
  • Copy pasting area is user intuitive
  • No limitation of format documents

Highlights duplication

  • Produces easy to understand results
  • Suggests the duplication
  • Colour Scheme makes it easier to dig through
  • AI software differentiates duplicate and unique phrases
  • Highlights the duplicated sentences in pink

Results in percentage

  • Easier for user to see plagiarism in terms of percentage
  • Content to plagiarised ratio in percentage
  • Plagiarised resources are given in numbers
  • Our plagiarism removal tool is best.

Privacy Guaranteed

  • Users’ privacy is our core value
  • We never save any uploaded material
  • We trash content after checking plagiarism
  • We never share data with web hosts
  • Privacy of content is protected

AI-based software

  • Our plagiarism removal tool uses AI software
  • AI can even detect minor works of plagiarism
  • It can also identify paraphrased content
  • Compared the content using millions of sources
  • Best plagiarism checker to remove plagiarism

What people are saying?

“Plagiarism-checker is wonderful”

I’m a blogger and I work in a SEO company. I have been using this website to remove plagiarism fir two years. I just want to appreciate how easy tool it is for plagiarism removal.

Jahanzeb Malik, India.

“Recommended plagiarism-checker”

It is by far the best plagiarism removal platform I have come across. A happy and satisfied user.

Joseph Butler

“Plagiarism removal”

I’m a freelancer who needs to use plagiarism removal websites all the time. But that plural is singular now as I only use one website that is plagiarism-checker.

Lara Datta, Germany.

“Best in the business”

I am a business writer at a multinational corporation. My job is to research, write, and present business reports. It always keeps me at the edge but not with plagiarism-checking website as after using their plagiarism removal tools, I am always confident that my work is 100% authentic.

Jonathon Trott, England.

Plagiarism remover online benefits

Whether you are writing your own content or have to check the work of others, there are lot of ways plagiarism removal tools can be helpful. Authentic, fast, and automatic detection of duplicate content helps the copy checking process for teachers, students, content writers and many other professionals. Our plagiarism removal tool shows the accurate percentage of plagiarized content which gives a flexibility to multiple users of our platform.

For Teachers

Before teachers can check the work for its quality and grade it, teachers have to check whether it is original. Our easy-to-use plagiarism removal tool helps teachers with simple and effective ways to check student’s work. Teachers of all levels can use our platform to ensure the academic integrity.

From K-12 to Higher Education, teachers have to check the authenticity of work. And this work is not of a single student but of dozens of students or more as the student’s number reaches to hundreds in a year. Automating the plagiarism checking process using our website can help educators to focus on the quality of work.

For Students

Although it is argued that plagiarism has grown significantly over the years but much of it is unintentional and also many students lack awareness. Our comprehensive and up to the point plagiarism removal tool offers students a peace of mind so that they can check their work before submitting.

It is suitable for students to check for plagiarism and, if there is any, they can always use our plagiarism removal tool to identify before submitting any work.

For Copywriters

Plagiarism risk not just exists in academic circles and research journals but also in ethical and legal responsibility to produce original work. Also, content writers are tasked with creating a content which is sometimes out of their scope, which requires them to do the research.

Our plagiarism removal tool gives copywriters an easy and quick method to avoid copyright infringement. It is easier to check even lengthy pieces to remove plagiarism and it only takes a few moments!

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